We are Agnese, Daina and Masha (in the order of the photo). We are friends who draw together. We are extremely thankful to have each other as we grow together as artists, as humans, and just live side by side.

We breathe in by dipping a brush in the water and breathe out by putting it on the paper. Or canvas. Sometimes it is not a brush, sometimes it is a pencil. Or twig and ink. Or charcoal. Or marker. It can be anything making a mark.

We leave lines, puddles, strokes, stains on paper, and happy moments in our lives. We draw to live. And we live to draw. This is our meditation, our way to connect to ourselves and the world around us. This is how we live. And we want to share this with you.

We believe every artist should have a happy place to be. A studio shared with friends. Where the joy of creation is in the air. It is contagious and healing. Where we all are beginners, where we play, we experiment, we learn from each other, we share our successes, and help with disappointments. Where it is ok to be as you are. Where you are loved and accepted. Where you know that all creative crises are temporary and anything can be learned. Even if nobody knows, we can figure it out together. This is a happy place full of new beginnings, laughter, and humanity. This is Studio by DeepDeepLight.

You are very welcome!